An Seann Taigh

The Vernacular Architecture of the Old Glebe House at Piper’s Cove

Rochelle MacQueen and M. G. Mader

(photo copyright rochelle macqueen)

An Seann Taigh (Scottish Gaelic for ‘the old house’) is an examination of the vernacular architecture of the Old Glebe House at Piper’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Originally associated with the former St Barra’s Parish in Christmas Island, one of Cape Breton’s oldest Roman Catholic parishes, the house has been in private ownership for well over a century. With photographs by Rochelle MacQueen and text by M. G. Mader, the book documents the house as it stands today and provides a glimpse into the 200 year history of the building.

Anticipated limited release March 2022
Non-Fiction · Paperback
ISBN: 9780995921740