We are Downingfield Press. A small, independent Australian publisher with a presence in Canada and the United Kingdom. Our mission is to publish emerging authors. Whether you are an experienced published author or have no prior publishing history, we invite you to submit your manuscript or book proposal to us for consideration.

We do not specialise in any particular genre, but rather focus on the cultural value of a particular piece of work.

Our story began in 2017 when we published our first book The Local Electric Light Utility. We have since acquired the republication rights of two additional books and are in the midst of releasing several new original publications.

We focus on publishing works which are of cultural and historical value rather than looking only at the profit potential and commercial viability of proposed books. We can’t always pay an advance on a book but we can get your work into print and into bookshops if we believe it has merit, so please do get in touch if you have an idea or proposal. In any instance, all of our authors receive a fair proportion of royalties from their work.

We combine the best parts of traditional and modern publishing in our work. We have high standards in terms of content, design, and finished product, but we utilise modern technology to keep our overhead low which allows us to invest more into the promotion of the books we publish. This approach allows us to be both effective and agile in our operation.

Our catalogue currently includes three books, though that number will soon rise to five with the release of the new updated edition of The Local Electric Light Utility, the revised edition of The End of an Era. We’re looking forward to growing our catalogue in 2021 with further original publications.

Downingfield Press is a full member of the Small Press Network.